It’s always been incredibly hard to make a success of an independent restaurant. The relentless hours. Reams of red tape. Rising rents and business rates. Social life? What social life!? People have no idea.

Then came 2020, when we ducked and dived, furloughed our staff, COVID-proofed our dining rooms, scrambled to make meal kits and find delivery partners, closed, re-opened, closed again and pivoted until we didn’t know what way was forward anymore. 

And, even after all that, we still weren’t sure if we’d make it. So we decided it was time to take action. To stop struggling independently and come together for strength.

Enough of survive, let’s thrive

We believe that, by working together and being part of this special community of independent restaurant operators, we can not only safeguard the future of the industry, but also dramatically improve it. 

As a first step on this journey we have already found a group of backers: former restaurateurs and hospitality industry leaders who care enough about the future of our restaurants to fund the launch of our collective. 

The rest will be built with your help.

Let’s work together

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