Foursquare Group Helping Independents

Independent business is so important to the hospitality industry. It represents a substantial proportion of the businesses in the industry, employs millions of people and generates a huge amount of GDP. 

But, financials aside, independent hospitality is what provides us with our identity, both nationally and locally. It’s the small restaurants, coffee shops, bars, clubs, chip shops and other amazing businesses which set the culture of our cities, suburbs, seaside towns and rural villages. Without them, everywhere would be the same – and who wants that?

These independent hospitality businesses are only possible because of the entrepreneurs who set them up. The risk-takers, the doers, those who have a dream and make it happen. But, let’s be honest – it’s tough. Hospitality is a tough industry to succeed in and there are challenges and hurdles at every corner. 

I started Foursquare Group in 2019 to remove as many of those challenges as possible, so those who wanted to open their dream coffee shop, where more likely to do so and more likely to succeed. Over the coming years, Foursquare Group will develop a collection of products that solve specific challenges. 

Our first product is Pilla. Pilla is a platform which helps businesses manage compliance in minutes. The platform uses document automation software to help business owners create complicated documents without the need for expensive consultants or lawyers. It means that employment contracts, food safety management systems and other key docs are populated with the right information in the right places in just a few clicks – and it’s free! The platform itself is completely free for any independent hospitality business to use. Create your account here.

Of course, hospitality compliance is about more than just policies and contracts. So Pilla also offers Management Diaries for day-to-day record keeping, Fire Risk Assessment and Training. 

I also host a popular industry podcast called An Hour With An Indie (AHWAI) and honestly, recording this podcast is my favourite part of my job. Once a week I’m fortunate to sit down with a hospitality business owner and talk about their business – what’s gone well, what has been challenging and tips they have for anyone crazy enough to give it a go! 

Every conversation is inspiring to me because it’s a weekly reminder, that we are all human, we are all trying our best, making mistakes and making improvements. That to me is the essence of independent business. 

This year, we’re expanding AHWAI into a wider media company. We’ll be running events, facilitating mentoring and producing content for other superb industry peers. But always, with a focus on the indie scene.

I’m delighted to be a part of this community at The Restaurant Collective and look forward to connecting with as many fellow members as possible. 

Speak soon

Liam Jones
Founder of Foursquare Group
07979 193 798