How to reduce energy usage during the cost of living crisis

Expert guidance from P&G Professional on maintaining hospitality cleaning standards whilst saving energy

According to Big Hospitality, businesses can expect an 82% rise in their energy bills when the Government’s support is significantly reduced this April. In addition to this, businesses have seen a 101% increase in energy bills this quarter, compared to the same period in 2022. These hikes in bills are already significantly impacting hospitality trade, with 42% of restaurants reducing their opening hours and 32% reducing days open. Whilst rising costs cannot be offset completely, businesses can look at ways to reduce bills by making small switches. 

One way businesses can reduce energy costs is by becoming more conservative with energy consumption. This can be done by turning down thermostats from as little as 2-3 degrees, as the little changes can make the biggest difference, and customers will not often notice. If an establishment has an open fireplace then these should be utilised before service starts, in order to produce heat naturally as opposed to using energy. Retaining heat is another important factor to minimise energy use, keeping up to date with maintaining door and window seals can ensure heat is kept in the rooms and keep heating costs down in the long run. 

Cleaning equipment and servicing it regularly can help make energy savings. Venues are advised to start with the fridge, as the condenser coils in the unit can become clogged with dust, preventing them from expelling heat. When this happens the fridge has to work extra hard to reach food-safe temperatures and in turn use a lot of energy. 

To boost energy efficiency and reduce overheads, it is recommended to invest in LED light bulbs. Light-Emitting Diodes use 90% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and they are longer lasting, saving on purchase costs. Additionally, investing in motion sensors to detect when lights are on and off may help to reduce costs, as motion sensors will detect when rooms are empty and switch the lights off automatically. 

Busy venues may find themselves using the washing machine regularly to wash chef whites and napkins, which can use up a substantial amount of energy. Using the right products is crucial in order to reduce laundry costs and associated energy bills. P&G Professional’s high performance laundry brands, such as Ariel Professional, are specifically formulated to provide exceptional performance without ever compromising on results, even in one wash, short cycles and at low water temperatures. In fact, switching to colder temperatures can save up to 40% on washing energy bills making it well worth venues doing!*

With rising bills, restaurants can also look to cut costs in other areas where possible. Using the right cleaning products in the kitchen can help save money. For instance P&G Professional’s trusted household name brands, such as Fairy Professional and Flash Professional, are simple to use yet very effective. Fairy Professional cuts through 5x more grease than competitors*, helping to get the job done right the first time, which will help save on money and time in the long run. 


* Cost of energy saved at 30c vs 60c based on average electricity prices and consumption.

* Vs next bestselling product in the cash and carry