Introducing Collectiv Food: the next generation of food supply

While the world of hospitality is rapidly evolving and adapting to the technological advances occurring at all levels of society, the food supply industry is still dominated by old-fashioned processes, inefficient systems, fragmented relationships and polluting infrastructure. 

For decades, food suppliers have sat on one side of the table and restaurants and chefs on the other. Large wholesalers have played a key part in this fragmented relationship, by imposing unclear and costly wholesale mark-ups that crush producer prices while also acting as a barrier to transparent sourcing. What’s also in it is that thousands of chefs, restaurant owners, catering managers and F&B buyers in the UK are battling every week with deliveries going wrong, quality not meeting the agreed standards, and time-consuming phone calls to multiple producers. 

That’s where Collectiv Food comes in. Launched in 2019 and now operating in both London and Paris, Collectiv Food offers a revolutionary model that focuses on solving today’s food supply issues through better prices, fresher products, transparency, traceability and reliability.

So how do we do all of the above?

Our revolutionary model cuts out costly wholesalers by sourcing great quality products directly from a vetted network of 1000s of producers that we deliver straight to professional kitchens. Our customers range from restaurants and hotels to catering firms, meal-kit companies, and dark kitchens. In addition to owning the entire food supply chain from farm to fork, we also ensure 5% to 20% cost savings by consolidating orders on a collective basis.

Last but not least, our model also offers increased sustainability as we reduce CO2 emissions by up to 50% compared to current methods. This is thanks to our greener last-mile delivery model, which replaces big polluting lorries congesting our cities, with our PODs (Points of Distribution) which are refrigerated shipping containers placed in disused key city areas. Our PODs are filled with food orders which are then collected by greener last-mile delivery partners such as cargo bikes, electric vans and vans that are already making journeys into cities. This not only reduces pollution, congestion and CO2 emissions within cities but also drastically reduces the likelihood of stressful delivery delays.

Having recently closed our Series A funding, and working already with popular hospitality businesses like Big Mamma Group, Hachè & Cabana, Megan’s and Dirty Bones, we are here to disrupt the old-fashioned food supply chain and offer a next-generation supply service that champions transparency, fairness and improved sustainability. 

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