Work Smarter, Not Harder! With Pilla

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

This is what we learnt with the guys over at Pilla! Watch or read our article below.

We had a great session with Liam Jones over at Pilla. What is Pilla? Pilla helps restaurants by creating easy to use compliance checklists, helps you manage your work force, and easily helps you have an overview of your business.

But why are they telling us to Work smarter, Not harder? We all know that right now we are facing a Hospitality Staffing shortage. So their solution for you is to help your current staff work more efficiently! Not only your staff but your management too.

By automating tasks, having set reminders, setting up what ideal days look like with tasks or with checklists. This frees up your mental capacity to be able to run your business better.  An example of this you ask? Imagine having checklists ready for when you close your business or open your business. Each staff member knows exactly what they need to do and when. Not only this but with these checklists you can be sure that your restaurant is following all the compliance rules you have set for it. Another great example is automating your fridge temperatures. Everyday you can set a reminder for your team to check the fridges giving you that peace of mind that if there are any problems you know immediately and you have a handy log for any inspectors coming round.

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